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The Social Universe

Libraries are social institutions and therefore social software and social nodes interest us a opportunities to expand our social good services.

This graphic from All Facebook blog is intriguing as it looks at the relative sizes of the major social ininitiatives and how they relate to the mobile opportunity.

Why Facebook Is Still A Small Company [Infographic]

We all remember when the web was under 500 million users. Things changed. Now we’re watching the social nature of the web move from being computer-based to a mobile basis as it’s primary nodality. I find that it’s interesting. Nothng’s dying or ‘dead’. The mix is changing and that’s as important to be aware of as standard / minimum screen resolutions were in the 90’s.


Posted on: August 21, 2010, 8:22 am Category: Uncategorized

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  1. “Social Media is our closest attempt to create a truly Social Society: we all e-participate, because we fear the real world consequences.”

    ‘Nuff said 😐