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Companies That Consumers Absolutely Hate

People – just about everyone – love libraries. So, let learn from these folks about what to avoid:

18 Companies That Consumers Absolutely Hate

“The American Customer Service Index rates hundreds of companies based on satisfaction surveys. Business Insider’s selection of the 18 worst includes four airlines and four cable companies.”

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1. AT&T Mobility
2. DirecTV
3. Citibank
4. JP MorganChase
5. Bank of America
6. McDonald’s
7. Cox Communications
8. Wellpoint
9. Con Edison
10. Facebook
11. MySpace
12. American Airlines
13. Delta
14. US Airways
15. Time Warner Cable
16. Comcast
17. United Airlines
18. Charter Communications

Notice that they’re all so-called ‘service’ companies and overlap libraries’ missions in subtle and distinct ways.

Can we get rid of things that get in the way of 100% satisfaction in the library:

1. fines? Who else fines besides courts and police. Is this the model we want to follow?
2. cel phone bans? Besides prisons who else wholesale bans personal property?
3. filters on adult PC’s that filter good stuff too? Ummm, Didn’t we say we bridged the digital divide?
4. unnecessary bar codes to access some content on websites? Why do citizens require a card/bar code to get to some content?
5. lack of a mobile interface/strategy? Don’t most people have phones?
6. etc.

Sometimes our policies make sense. Sometimes they do nothing more than frustrate our users and stand in the way of our mutual success. What policie in your library cause the most friction with users and clients? Is that in the user’s or library’s best interest? Some of the time, all of the time or never?


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