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Free Speech

From ReadWriteWeb:

Top 10 Online Free Speech Resources

It’s always handy to have these links handy and available.

Today we had the freedom to engage in moments of silence and think freely about those who sacrifice for our freedoms.

Those who engage in spreading hate are enjoying their freedom of speech. The good news is that they increase the resolve of the vast majority who exercise their freedoms with respect and responsibility. It is a great tribute to those who framed and protect our human and civil rights that those who disrepect them make these rights stonger.

We remember our freedoms. Especially today.


Posted on: September 11, 2010, 10:26 am Category: Uncategorized

2 Responses

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  1. social democrat said

    Let’s also remember today that freedom of speech is not absolute. We are free to express hurtful and insulting ideas. We are not free to incite others to commit violence to other people’s liberty, property, or physical person. Terry Jones’s congregation has been very clear about their feelings toward Islam; i.e., it is “evil.” How much of a stretch is it from that to “Muslims are evil”? How much of a stretch is it from burning Qu’rans to physical assault on people and property? Jones skates perilously close to the edge of his First Amendment rights.

  2. Robert Redford was asked by Wendy Mesley about his thoughts on what ‘s going on right now. He remarked how the ‘melting pot’ is ‘melting down’. I think it’s an astute observation.

    It’s almost like the US is going through the stages of grief and now they are on anger portion. Like any process it takes time and that’s what scares me about what’s going on. The only way for things to get better is for the states to hit bottom. It will take a significant loss of life before people finally wake up–if they ever wake up. I really hope for the the first one.