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The Next Megatrends

Michael Arrington at Techcrunch is showing this copy of Silicon Valley Angel’s list of “Tech Megatrends.” The document lists the 7 trends that major investor Ron Conway is eyeing:

The trends are:

1. Social
2. Real Time
3. Location Based Services
4. The Urban Entrepreneur
5. Mobile
6. Flash Sales
7. Behavior & Transactions

If we were ranking these in terms of what, if, and when they will have an impact on libraries, what would we think?

Clearly mobile is already impacting library land and location based services is a no brainer. Both are inexorably linked to social too and libraries are social institutions. I(f we didn’t think location wasn’t important to library services, we wouldn’t have branches or offer campus based services. We could just do our service from somewhere cheaper…

What about the others? Should libraries follow the money? (Or at least be aware of where major investments are seeding change?)


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