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eReader Ownership set to Double

Gary Price quotes a new study by Harris Interactive that sets out to see what the take up will be for e-readers in the next year.

E-Books: “One in Ten Americans Use an eReader; One in Ten Likely To Get One in Next Six Months”
By Gary Price Founder and Senior Editor of Resource Shelf

Harris Interactive charts are here.

“Right now, just one in ten Americans (8%) uses an electronic reader device of some kind, so any real changes may take a while to detect, but some small ones are noticeable now.

These are some of the results of The Harris Poll of 2,775 adults surveyed online between August 9 and 16, 2010 by Harris Interactive.

A Few Other Headlines With Numbers and Charts in the Summary/News Release:

+ eReader users read and buy more books

On eReader Owners

+ 12% are likely to get an eReader in the next six months

+ 21% are not very likely to purchase an eReader

+ 59% are not at all likely to purchase an eReader
Numbers as also broken down by region of the U.S.

+ 53% of eReader owners say they read more now than they did 6 months ago vs. 18% of non-eReader users

+ 51% of non-users say they read the same as they did 6 months ago vs. 25% of eReader users

Ed. Note:
If you look at the third chart you can see the question that eReaders include dedicated eReaders (Kindle) along with the iPad and similar devices.

The summary/news release also includes several tables including:

+ Books Read In A Year (by generation and income)

+ Books Purchased In Past Year (by generation)

+ Use E-Reader (by region)

+ Likely To Get An E-Reader (by region and generation)

+ Change In Reading Habits

Source: Harris Interactive
Hat Tip and Thank You Very Much: Jill O.”

Harris Interactive charts are here.

Amazing, and can’t be ignored.


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