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Boomers Beware: X&Y are ‘more’ ready

ReadWriteWeb is promoting a new study by Forrester Research that “just released its annual survey of American technology adoption, this time focusing on the generational divide. The findings, which arose from a survey of over 37,000 participants, reveal that when it comes to the adoption of digital tools and technology, the generation gap still exists, with Generation Xers and Yers far ahead of both Boomers and Seniors.

The report delves into everything from mobile use to media consumption and PCs to social networking. The takeaway, says Forrester, is that Gen Y “lives and breathes” a digital social life, Gen Xers are masters of the functional benefits of technology, but those older are much more reserved in nearly all areas.”

Generations X and Y Lead the Way in Today’s Digital World

“Forrester concludes that Gens X and Y are “setting the example of how future digitally native generations will live,” with both generations “outpacing Boomers and Seniors on almost everything technology-related.””

So they’ve discovered a new generational divide. D’uh. Just try talking about any generation without another generation feeling left out. It seems that the only common factor for generational issues is their thin skins about being misunderstood or ignored. It’s interesting that they note this issue at the end of the article. I’ve certainly seen that behaviour in my postings and speeches. It’s interesting.


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