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Friday Fun: Libraries and The Matrix

If you’re a Matrix geek, then this promotional video for the University of Kansas’ library is for you. The director of this video is Emmy-winner Chris Martin who was a film student at the University of Kansas. He also did another library spoof video called Lord of the Libraries.

Library Revolutions

Lord of the Libraries

Two oldies but goodies. These library videos attract attention, are pretty cool and have a professional look. The real next step is to make the sale after marketing the library – get a card, visit the website, do a search, make an appointment . . . a call to action. I wonder how many libraries train front line staff how to respond effectively and build on the marketing efforts that draw people to the library’s goodness?

Thanks to Amanda at Biblioblond for the links.


Posted on: October 7, 2010, 11:21 am Category: Uncategorized