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Five Lessons From The Nation’s Best Online Teacher

As e-learning and distance education become a bigger and bigger part of every student’s educational experience, this post is pretty good:

Five Lessons From The Nation’s Best Online Teacher

Read it here but check out the five:

“1. Keep the student at the center of every decision that needs to be made.

2. Foster relationships with students and parents, because parents can be a teacher’s biggest help.

3. Talk with your students every day by phone. Dove said that the majority of her day is spent talking directly with students to build a one-on-one relationship with each of them.

4. Celebrate every effort and success, no matter how big or small.

“Always be positive in your feedback, even if the assignment may not be stellar. The written word is so powerful online, and you always want your students to feel that you are cheering them on and appreciate their hard work,” she explained.

5. Build relationships with fellow teachers. Share resources, best practices, and stories to feel less isolated or alone in the home office.”

Original Source: 21st Century Fluency Project


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