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Gadgets in America

Well, the pocket will survive for the foreseeable future!

The Pew released new statistics on the state of “gadgets” in America. This report looks at the usage and ownership of seven major information and communication devices, including:

· Cell phones – 85% of Americans now own a cell phone, with young adults leading the way (96% of 18-29 year olds now own a cell phone).

· Desktop and laptop computers – Three quarters of Americans own a computer of some kind; laptop ownership has grown dramatically in recent years, while desktop ownership has declined slightly.

· Mp3 players – Just under half of American adults own an mp3 player, a nearly five-fold increase from early 2005.

· Game consoles – Console gaming devices like the Xbox and PlayStation are nearly as common as mp3 players, and are especially popular among parents and those under 50.

· E-book readers and table computers – These devices are still in their early adopter phase, and are mostly popular with the affluent and highly educated.

The report is available for immediate publication and can be found at:

As has been predicted for years, it is now clear that the PC and laptop have been overwhelmed as access gadgets.


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