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Library Ink: Literary Tattoos

This new book looks fascinating – from a library perspective and how it fits into some of my family’s favourite guilty pleasure TV shows – the L.A. Ink, Miami Ink, franchise – as well as our love of literature and reading.

Anyway, here’s the book trailer for:

The Word Made Flesh: Literary Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide
from Harper Perennial (Amazon link above)
by Eva Talmadge and Justin Taylor

The Word Made Flesh – book trailer from Tattoolit on Vimeo.

More info at GalleyCat.

I have a number of friends who have very cool librarian tattoos. To see some more just search Google Images for library tattoos.

I’ve discovered that all tattoos have a wonderful underlying story. I love it when people share their stories. Cool stuff.


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  1. US author Shelley Jackson has an interesting project where she writes a book on skin. You can request to get a word tattooed in any appropriate place on your body. And voila! – you are a part of a living book:

    However it’s up to the author wether you get an ordinary word like “and” or “or” or a cool word like “unforgettable” or “stinking”.

  2. I have several library/literary-themed tattoos. You can see them on Flickr:
    public library, stemapunk gears, Dewey Decimal and a book

  3. Do you think people are getting tattoos without having any idea what they mean. Or why they wanted it. My nephew explained to me that he got a full sleeve tattoo because he thought it would be cool. He is old enough to have a tatoo and had the money to pay for it. So everything was legit except for his reason. I have tats but they all have meaning and I had to earn the priveldge of wearing them. What’s you take on people getting tats for no reason.