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Your Hobbies & Activities

OK, I’m excited by this little poll. What are the hobbies of library workers? If you follow my blog, you’ll know that we just published a poll on what the major hobby questions that libraries receive. Now I wonder how different the cohort of library workers is from our users. Soooooo, (surprise) I’ve got the same poll for us. So my Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and blog readers, try this poll and tell me what your hobbies are.

Take the Hobbies & Activities Poll.

As usual, I’ll share the results soon. Let’s keep this poll open until Halloween weekend!

Thanks for sharing your interests and hobbies. Anyone want to take the bet that reading won’t be at the top of the list? But what would number two be? We’ll see.


Posted on: October 18, 2010, 9:55 am Category: Uncategorized

12 Responses

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  1. the librarian with too many interests said

    it won’t let me finish clicking choices… is there a limit to how many you can choose?

  2. I’ll check – it originally had a limit of 12 hobbies. I guess soe library folk are busier and I’ll ask to take the limit off. Try agin later today.

  3. It wouldn’t let me choose all mine either! I just left out recreational reading because it is more like breathing than a hobby.

  4. LibraryAnna said

    Very surprised that Reading (Recreational) is not on the list!

  5. I didn’t see dance on the list. I know lots of morris, English country and contra dancing librarians.

    I’m not sure swiming should be list as summer sports. I swim laps year round for exerrcise.

  6. Stephen, midday tweeking seems to have skewed numbers. There were 40 recreational readers early on, now only 10.

  7. LibraryAnna:
    LOL. Maybe it should be called Readery like Cookery and we could have a year long LC consultative process to change it.
    Thanks for my laugh of the day.

  8. David:
    Just add dance in the open ended comments and I’ll count it. I know a bunch of bellydancing librarians.
    I classified the sports like the Olympics do. (Yeah, right)

  9. Jean:
    Don’t worry. We kept the early results and will add them in at the end. We just had a small reset so those people who have more than 12 hobbies could include them all.
    Apparently some people have a lot of fun.

  10. Meh. I need better hobbies. Half of mine run over into my work. 😛

  11. Should Yoga have it’s own rubric?

  12. christie Kaaland said

    I can’t believe political activism isn’t on this list