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State of the Internet 2010: A Report on the Ever-Changing Threat Landscape

Computer security is a common concern and let’s be careful out there.

Here’s a report that helps you be more informed. The scariest soundbite for me? “CA Technologies’ ISBU researchers identified more than 400 new families of threats. Rogue security software, downloaders, and backdoors are the top ranking types of newly discovered threats, accounting for 18%, 17% and 14% respectively.”

State of the Internet 2010: A Report on the Ever-Changing Threat LandscapeCA Technologies Internet Security Business Unit
Internet Security Intelligence Report, October 2010

“Today approximately 1.8 billion people use the Internet to do everything from conduct business, communicate with friends and family, keep up with current events or simply entertain themselves playing games or watching videos. Each individual and each Internet connected device presents a certain footprint that is exposed and often manipulated for criminal or political gain. Malware, or malicious software, is often the catalyst for this manipulation, while targets span the gamut from corporate and national secrets to personal information that can be used to directly steal money or perpetuate another crime. Technology and the Internet provide the = means and opportunity, while global socioeconomic trends provide the motive to perpetuate these crimes. Supporting this criminal activity and adding to the challenges of protection and law enforcement is the growth of a criminal ecosystem. This network of criminals and services introduces multiple layers of anonymity while providing modular functionality for perpetuating cybercrime. In this paper we have defined this ecosystem as “Crimeware-as-a-Service,” and we share examples of how this ecosystem is exploiting the latest technology trends of cloud computing and social media. The ability to perpetuate these crimes across the Internet without swift and severe repercussions further fuels this Crimeware, challenging security professionals and governments alike to find new ways to protect valuable information.”



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