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Friday Fun: Geek Cred

Get your geek cred on.

The top 10 geek sins that will get your geek card revoked

10. Admitting that you like iTunes
9. Not knowing the difference between binary and hexadecimal
8. Not knowing what MMORPG stands for
7. Loving your cable or telecom company
6. Not knowing the name of the book that Blade Runner was based on
5. Confusing Star Wars and Star Trek
4. Believing the “free” in open source refers to price
3. Defending Facebook for its privacy transgressions
2. Taking something into Geek Squad to get fixed
1. Buying a paper computer book at Barnes & Noble

Earn geek cred by doing these 15 things

1. Give the Vulcan live long and prosper sign
2. Know the answer to the ultimate question
3. Make a geeky fashion statement
4. Read at least one work by Clarke, Asimov, and Bradbury
5. Take a geeky vacation
6. Play a role-playing game at least once
7. Read and watch The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
8. Read at least one comic book
9. Know how to survive a zombie attack
10. Know if Han shot first
11. Take up a geeky hobby
12. Be ready to defend your choice of OS
13. Explain a geeky topic to a non-geek
14. Know your geek vocab words
15. Carry on a conversation using only geek movie quotes

Advanced Geek Cred:

1. Name the primary characters of all five Star Trek series.
2. Know the three words you must recite in order to retrieve The Book of the Dead.
3. Know how and when to implement the Konami Code.
4. Know at least one way to kill a Dalek.
5. Say “I love you” in binary.


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