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Privacy and Freedom of Information in 21st Century Libraries

The latest ALA Library Technology Report was just published: Privacy and Freedom of Information in 21st Century Libraries. This issue covers the beachfront of major issues with filtering and intellectual freedom in libraries.

Topics Covered in this Issue and their celebrity authors:

– Libraries, Technology, and the Culture of Privacy by Barbara M. Jones
– User-Generated Content by Eli Neiburger
– Internet Filtering by Sarah Houghton-Jan
– Social Networking and the Library by Jason Griffey
– RFID in Libraries by Deborah Caldwell-Stone

In the introduction to this issue, Angela Maycok, Assistant Director of the Office for Intellectual Freedom states: “As libraries increasingly move beyond provision of print material and into their expanding roles as providers of digital resources and services, intellectual freedom concerns have been magnified as they apply to a range of complex new issues.” OIF put together an all-star cast of writers to weigh in on some of the most pressing issues facing modern librarians.

It’s a good place to start on these issues. Lordy, I’m still trying to deal with my repsonse to the WikiLeaks fiasco. I want to go back to less complicated issues.



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  1. What is your response to the WikiLeaks fiasco?