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Library Poetry

One of my favourite colleagues, Ron Stefanski, wrote this clever poem this week and I quite like it:

Overdue Charges from an Animated Patron

Twas the night before finals,
When all thru the dorm,
Not a student was sleeping
Though that’s not a new norm.

The textbooks were ragged,
All the answers seemed there
As they prayed that their finals
Would be more than fair.

When what to their bleary-eyed
Caffeine-stained eyes did appear,
But a librarian on a mission
Oblivious to fear.

The light in her eyes shined clearly,
And her focus was bright.
But did she see that my final
Deadline was far more than tight.

The fact I hadn’t planned well
Seemed not to matter,
She laughed just like Santa,
Though he was clearly the fatter.

“I have what you need, but you
May not even know it.
So pack up your books, get over here and I’ll show it.”

And with a dash of her fingers she typed on her PC,
Several long password authentications clearly the key.

Then she looked over at me with a calm, wide bright smile
And said, “the right answers are here in our online reference file.”

And with that she alighted, and left me quite blue,
For it seemed to me something was long overdue.

No it wasn’t a book or a CD I had neglected,
But the praise and appreciation for getting me connected.

And I think of the things that I think I have learned,
And am fretful the most important person may have been spurned.

Because I learned how to read from parents and teachers,
Learned how to behave from the priests, nuns and preachers.

But the love of reading, alas, that is owing but to a few,
For the time you spent showing me all the books loved by you.

And now when my post-finals cramming begins anew
I’ll not forget to hug my librarian, something clearly overdue.

Ron Stefanski, poet.

Ron mostly just loves his clients and librarians in general (and does a great job there), but he is clearly also a poet.


Posted on: December 15, 2010, 11:01 am Category: Uncategorized

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  1. Tina Creguer said

    Ahh, the Bard of Farmington HIlls strikes just the right tone once again.