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2011 Predictions: Richard MacManus

From ReadWriteWeb, some interesting 2011 predictions:

2011 Predictions: Richard MacManus

“1: Flipboard becomes the breakout news reading app of 2011.
2: eBooks will hit 20% market penetration by the end of 2011.
3: Internet of Cars will be the surprise hit of the year.
4: Internet TV tips and gets huge consumer uptake.
5: A major pop music star will do something amazing with web technologies, that blows open the online music scene.
6: Bonus prediction: by the end of 2011, the most viewed YouTube video of all time will no longer be Justin Bieber.”

And, just note that the car prediction is not trivia. Remember what cars did for GPS (OnStar) CD-ROM music, and satellite radio (Sirius, XM).

Check out the original post for the explanations.



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