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5 & 10 Predictions for Mobile in 2011

Mobile strategies in library land continue to grow in importance.

5 Predictions for Mobile in 2011

“1. Tablet Mania Hits a Fever Pitch
2. Photo Sharing Will Expand to Video
3. HTML5 App Explosion
4. Flash Still Won’t Matter on Mobile Devices
5. We Will See a Verizon iPhone.”

And I’ll add another one – – –

6. There will be a major revolt over mobile pricing in the U.S. and Canada. Politicians will pander to this in the run up to the next election season in both countries.

WSJ: Ten Trends in Mobile Technology
The Rise of Apps, iPad and Android

1. iPad
2. Android
3. Apps
4. Going 4G
5. Parts Shortages
6. Patent Wars
7. Security / Privacy
8. China
9. Digital Wallet
10. Location, Location

Follow the link for more.

Easiest way to add some mobile to your library? Just add Gale’s AccessMyLibrary widget (Public, K-12 or College editions) to your library’s website.



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