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What Words Should be Banned?

ResourceShelf gives us an early peak at the Lake Superior State University 36th Annual Banished Words (2011) List. here they are:

+ Viral
+ Epic
+ Fail
+ Wow Factor
+ A-Ha Moment
+ Back Story
+ Man Up
+ Refudiate
+ Mama Grizzlies
+ The American People
+ Google and Facebook (as Verbs)
+ Live Life To The Fullest

There are examples on the website list.

Banished Word List Archive (1976-)

Alphabetical List of Banished Words

I have to say I hope ‘man up’ disappears from use. I can’t imagine telling a woman to ‘girly up’ since it would be ignorant, sexist, hurtful and just plain wrong. I get seriously annoyed every time I hear someone saying this phrase.

Two more useful lists are over at the M Word Blog:

Phrases and words that need to go!



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  1. I still like Epic and Fail, but yeah … the rest can go.

  2. Marie’s Hall of Shame 2010 gross grammatical errors. no forgiveness for these:
    the arbitrary conversion of any noun into a verb ie “we architechted this IS” (this seems to be a particular IT geek phenomenon)

    or “I was impacted greatly by his moving presentation” or EVEN WORSE “I found his speech very impactful” (a tooth is impacted)
    i know not whence came these mortal tarnsgressions, but they must cease!

  3. Rich Wiggins said