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Innovation Questions

Scott Anthony has posted (and answered) this interesting list of questions about innovation on the Harvard Business Review blog that I think would make a great interview in library land.

31 Innovation Questions (and Answers) To Kick Off the New Year

“1. How do you define innovation?
2. What are different types of innovation?
3. How do I spot opportunities for innovation?
4. Which customers should I target?
5. What should I look for?
6. How should I look?
7. How do I come up with an idea?
8. What is disruptive innovation?
9. What is the best way to disrupt a market?
10. What does “good enough” mean?
11. What is a business model (and how do I innovate one)?
12. How can I “love the low end”?
13. How do I know if my idea is good?
14. How can I learn more about my idea?
15. How can I get other people behind my idea?
16. How long does it take new businesses to scale?
17. Why is innovation so important?
18. Why is innovation so hard?
19. Who are your influences?
20. How do I encourage innovation in my organization?
21. What is “the sucking sound of the core?”
22. What is an innovation “safe space”?
23. How should I form and manage innovation teams?
24. What is in a good innovation strategy?
25. What is the best way to manage an innovation portfolio?
26. What does ‘prudent pruning’ mean?
27. What role should senior executives play in innovation?
28. How can I personally become a better innovator?
29. How can I find more resources for innovation?
30. How can I more quickly turn good ideas into good businesses?
31. Has anyone built the ability to innovate at scale?”

(Thanks Cabot)

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