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Library Bumper Stickers

Phil Bradley let his imagination run wild recently and came up with quite a few great library bumperstickers. Check them out and here’s a few samples:

Library bumperstickers

“Libraries; more positive than Dr. No. Libraries; richer than Goldfinger. Libraries; forever even more than diamonds.”

“Libraries; more precious than the Ring. Libraries; tastier than 2 hobbits breakfasts. Libraries; more trustworthy than the Fellowship”

“Libraries; more mysteries than Christie. Libraries; more westerns than Eastwood. Libraries; more thrillers than Hitchcock.”

“Libraries; more members than Facebook. Libraries; care more about your privacy than Facebook. Libraries; more entertainment than Facebook”

“Libraries; More logical than Mr Spock. Libraries; more medical information that Dr McCoy. Libraries; beam you to many different places.”

“Libraries; more magical than Hogwarts. Libraries; more exciting than Quidditch. Libraries; worth more than Gringotts Bank.”

“Libraries; more tradition than Britain. Libraries; more cosmopolitan than France. Libraries; more efficient than Germany”

“Libraries; more powerful than the Hulk. Libraries; better than Spiderman. Libraries; more reliable than Superman”

Good work!


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