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People Don’t Know 4G Is, And They Don’t Care What 4G Is

Here’s some interesting charts from Nielsen on what consumers think about when they hear the phrase “4G.”

Nielsen polled 2,131 people about 4G. Of that, 893 said they understood what 4G is. But when pressed further, only 54% of that really knew what it meant (super fast wireless). 27% of the people polled think it’s the latest version of the iPhone.

Regardless of whether or not they can define it, so far they don’t care about 4G wireless. Only 29% of the people polled said they were planning on buying a 4G phone in the next year.

Good news for Apple, which (probably) doesn’t plan on releasing a phone that runs on a 4G network this year. Bad news for other phone makers looking to gain an edge by offering a 4G compatible handset.

That said, once the carriers start marketing 4G even more, we assume more people will want a 4G phone.”

And I still want 4G. I am such a geek-o-naut.



Posted on: January 28, 2011, 8:44 am Category: Uncategorized

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  1. Here is some interesting background information about the ITU and what true 4G is (or, more correctly, *will be*):

    “4G” is a marketing term, except when it’s not –

    Verizon advertises 4G service, but doesn’t meet real standards –