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Librarians, Content Farms and Search

I am on a bit of a tear lately on the topic of content farms. I guess because I meet too many information professionals, educators and just normal searchers who are unaware of this web content provider and their business model. It is not inherently evil but all information professionals and librarians should be aware of the infuentia role content spam and sponsored content plays in consumer search. Of course, it pays almost no role in searching OPACs, repositories, professional and licensed databases.

Here’s a link to my first post:

Content Pollution May be the Ruination of Google

And here are some recent developments to update that. Happy reading.

Google: Spam Really Has Increased Lately. We’re Fixing That, And Content Farms Are Next [TechCrunch]

The Future of Search: Who Will Win The Spam Wars? [Techcrunch]

Google’s Own Content Farm: Google Translate Spam [Search Engine Roundtable]

In Another Blow At Content Farms, Google Could Let You Block Domain Names From Searches [SAI]

Content Farm Demand Media Is Worth As Much As The New York Times On The Public Market [SAI]

Demand Media’s IPO A Hit, Stock Is Up 39% (DMD) [SAI]

10 Interesting Things We Just Learned About Demand Media [SAI]

Demand Is Strong For Demand Media IPO [Techcrunch]

Creating Content Farms: The Right Way Is To Invest In Skilled Writers [SAI]

Submitting To Article Aggregators Now Wasted Link Building? [SearchEngineWatch]

Google search and search engine spam [via The Official Google Blog by A Googler on 1/21/11]

The Two Sides of SEO >[Search Engine Land]

Google Promises They’re Working to Increase Quality of Content in Search> [LifeHacker]

Google ready for action against content farms [cnet]

Google Cracks Down on Spammers and Scrapers [Wired]

In Another Blow At Content Farms, Google Could Let You Block Domain Names From Searches [SAI]

Google, content farms and one slippery slope [ZDNet]

KAPOW: Google Blows A Hole In Demand Media A Week Before Its IPO [SAI]

Content farms and doodles [Gargoyles Loose in the Library]

I know this is a lot of links but I think it’s worth the effort. Also, please expect that there will be columns on this in my usual places in Internet @ Schools magazine and SLA’s Information Outlook. I submitted them this week.


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  1. Are you going to name names? LOL – What kills me is so many people click through the link bait sites, they actually drive significant traffic to my blog.