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With the presentation today from Curtis at SC State Library, perhaps you were wondering how to keep track of your tweeting performance in drawing attention to library strategies? Well this crossed my RSS feeds today just in time:

Topsy Social Analytics: Twitter Analytics For The Masses (& Free, Too)

Topsy Social Analytics was just launched this morning and immediately becomes one of the best free Twitter analytics tools I’ve seen. There are a number of ways to use it and, if you click that link to check it out, don’t be surprised if you spend the next hour there.

How Topsy Social Analytics Works

With Topsy Social Analytics, you can analyze domains, Twitter usernames, or keywords — and they can be compared over four timeframes: one day, a week, two weeks or a month. Each type of analysis returns different results. Compare three domains, for example, and Topsy analytics will chart the number of links it found to each. Type in three keywords (including names, as in the image at the beginning of this article) and Topsy shows how many times each was mentioned. And if you compare up to three Twitter usernames, Topsy shows how many replies/mentions each received.”

Anyway, go see how your Twitter handles are doing . . . make a baseline and see what improves things.



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