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Librarian 2.0

There are a few topics that are guaranteed to polarize debate in libraryland. One is the whole Web 2.0 / Library 2.0 / Librarian 2.0. So these brave Aussie librarians did some research which is great (and probably brave) since the topic can set a few people off on rants.

Anyway, Allan Cho at UBC libraries points to this research on his blog, on Allan’s Library in a post titled Librarian 2.0?.

“Australian librarians Helen Partridge, Julie Lee, and Carrie Munro have recently come out with an ethnographic analysis, “Becoming ‘Librarian 2.0’: The Skills, Knowledge, and Attributes Required by Library and Information Science Professions in a Web 2.0 World (and Beyond).”
The authors’ methodology is simple: focus groups of about 81 librarians to discuss what they think defines “Librarian 2.0.” Although diverse, the answers are unnervingly clear and concise.

1. Technology – There is a difference between IT skills an IT appreciation skills. Librarian 2.0 should be a role model, not in being an “elitist” in terms of technology, but as a credible source for understanding and imparting knowledge of new technological developments. They are plugged in, but can easily walk away from it, too.

2. Learning and Education – Willing to grow with the job, librarian 2.0 in the web 2.0 world is interested in what is happening around them, and scan the horizon and are aware of the outside world.

3. Research and Evidence Based Practice – An essential element, research is a way for librarian 2.0 to be making best decisions, best practices, and establishing benchmarks.

4. Communication – Good at negotiation and diplomacy, librarian 2.0 should be able to use whatever “language”is needed to persuade or influence the target audience to their point of view.

5. Collaboration and Teamwork – Is about building relationships and partnerships while establishing networks with individuals and groups wherever it is needed.

6. User Focus – Interested in creating communities, they are driven by a focus on people, not resources.

7. Business Savvy – Entrepreneurial, they are know how to get things done — they go out and seek business

8. Personal Traits – Adaptable, flexible, persistent, and resilient”



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