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Nice Quote

Innovation, learning and new ideas are built on the shoulders of the stuff libraries keep, organize, preserve and provide access to so I loved this quote today:

“All wisdom is plagiarism. Only stupidity is original.”

Came over the Twittersphere today.

Maybe those jurisdictions thinking of devolving their libraries through financial pressures need to read this on a t-shirt!


Posted on: February 26, 2011, 3:39 pm Category: Uncategorized

2 Responses

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  1. It’s a pleasing turn of phrase, but a troubling thought. The history of innovation is filled with original thinking that some regarded as stupid at first, only to be proven wrong later. The unintended consequence of this quote is an open preference for replicating what we already know and accept, while anything that falls outside of those traditional boundaries is stupid.

  2. Whoa Jeff. I don’t see that at all. Maybe you better describe to me an innovation that required no knowledge of anything ahead of time. We do stand on shoulders and nothing arises out of the ether fully formed and original without starting somewhere.
    An idea being perceived as stupid at first is quite different than being a stupid idea. There are plenty of uninformed stupid ideas that could benefit from further investigation, research and testing. We see so many proposals in the political sphere lately that lack foundation and will do the opposite of their intent. They’re called innovative thinking and they’re not. Information matters to innovation and the myth of the pure original thought that springs out of nowhere is a damaging myth..