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If the Majority of US Web Users are on Facebook . . .

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Facebook Reaches Majority of US Web Users, What About Twitter?
Posted on February 25, 2011 by ID Team

From an eMarketer Article:

“As Facebook continues to solidify its role as the world’s top social networking site, eMarketer estimates that more than half of internet users in the US were logging on to the site at least monthly as of the end of 2010.
This year, eMarketer forecasts, 132.5 million US web users will use the site. That increase of 13.4% in the number of users means Facebook will reach almost nine in 10 social network users and 57.1% of internet users. By 2013, 62% of web users and almost half (47.6%) of the overall US population will be on Facebook.
Facebook’s broad reach means that its once-dramatic growth rates are over; eMarketer forecasts single-digit growth in users after this year. On Twitter, growth rates will be higher, but relatively few online Americans use the microblogging service.
By the end of 2010, 16.4 million US adults, or 9% of the adult internet population, used Twitter. Growth will surpass 26% this year as Twitter reaches 11% of internet users and 16.5% of US adult social network users. By 2013, nearly 28 million Americans will be tweeting.”

The report also includes two tables below:
1. US Facebook Users and Penetration, 2009-2013
2. US Adult Twitter Users and Penetration, 2009-2013

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So, from me, two questions:

1. When the majority of your users are using electronic information, are Facebook members, and can dial in from home, is there any justification for a public library that wants to market itself and relate to its community and to offer online dataasbes and website services and more, to not have a Facebook page for the library?

2. With significant numbers of users growing in Twitter, is there any justification not to ge on board early and learn along with the curve?

Many people tell me that they are waiting for a vast overwhelming majority of users, but I fail to understand that position. This isn’t a huge time sink and can be integrated into multiple services from one post, and we do provide a lot (probably most services) for minority, niche groups of users. And that’s OK.

In the end we can communicate with more people, more regularly. Lordy, I started out in the days when client communication was expensive mailings of annual or quarterly newsletters and simple signs inside the door. The communication opportunity has certainly improved.


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