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Only 5% of US Households Don’t Own a Microwave

This is an interesting stat I encountered last week

“Forty years ago, in 1971, only 5% of US households owned a microwave. Now, in 2011, only 5% don’t. I’m still waiting for the anti-microwave, which quickly chills something.”

It reminded me of the days when not all of my friends had a phone. Some had party lines, which sound like more fun than they were!

I also recall when all of my friends didn’t have a B&W TV. And this wasn’t because they had a colour one or were anti-TV and told you so in the first three sentences at any party with an air of superiority.

It’s interesting that technology adoption has its peaks and valleys.

I know lots of offices that no longer have a fax machine. I have lots of friends who don’t have a landline phone. It’s a pretty small number of peers who don’t have home broadband but I’m a pretty urban guy. There’s a few who prefer a remote country lifestyle and check their e-mail at the local library.

It’s interesting to note that many technology adoption and use decisions are becoming more like lifestyle decisions now. I was surprised when my son gave up cable TV since he’s a sports enthusiast but then again, he can get a lot over the web.

I wonder what the matrix of the book ecology will look like as technology grow and peaks?

Just reflecting on a Sunday morning.


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