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Some Readings

Here are some things I read this week that I thought were worth telling folks about:

My Message To Google: Stop Cheating
via TechCrunch by Andrew Keen on 2/26/11

Content Farms: The Benefits and Risks
via New Media News for Independent Publishers hand-picked by Robin Good by Mathew Ingram on 2/23/11

If anyone has followed Google response to the spam content farms you’ll be wise to note that it has two parts so far:

1. The end user should manage what sites and domains it wants to block on an individual basis. Yeah, right. Let’s get a big game of a billion or so people playting whack-a-mole! Also, the risk of meat cleaver blocking on the insitutional and enterprise level is high. This risks being breast cancer site blocking on a global basis.

2. The risks associated with allowing algorithms to be the main factor in the delivery of results and allowing a very small (2) group of consumer-driven ad-based companies to hold the secret keys to the algorithm are becoming very clear to many experts and information pros. The consumer users, not so much. With a few national and FTC investigations at play here we, as librarians, need to be watching this closely.

Bonus: You did pick up that AOL’s core strategy is to become a content farm, right? And it’s got the best market to foist this on – dial up user.
RIP: A remix Manifesto – 5 – The Past tries to control the future

Ch Ch Ch Changin’

If library land can’t find a strong positioning in this world, we’re not looking hard enough.


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