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Digital Disruptors

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The Coming Wave of “Social Apponomics”
The secret to profitability on the Internet has finally arrived in an innovative blend of social media, Web mobility, and creative e-commerce applications.

This article’s proposition is that there are three main digital disruptors in the market at the moment. They are social media, mobile applications, and analytics. Added to this are what they call the “data tsunami” of telecommunications traffic, the use of social media for payment, the growing popularity of “private-label media”, and new forms of corporate decentralization, from cloud computing to “cloud workplaces.”

The solution strategies offered include:

1. Focus on partners, not competitors.
2. Think local.
3. Target each customer in multiple segments.
4. Transform pricing into a dynamic conversation.
5. Make use of the wisdom of crowds to build more compelling Web apps and to improve customer service.
6. Humanize your company “virtually.”
7. Develop forms of online credentialing of your goods and services.

Insights here that affect information organizations.


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