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Where we need to listen is changing!

Doug Johnson at Blue Skunk blog has a great posting and some stats. Check it out here:

Are you speaking where people are listening?

For example:

“Email is for old people–literally. Email use dropped 59 percent among users aged 12-17, as well as 8 percent overall, according to ComScore’s 2010 Digital Year in Review. Users between 18-54 are also using email less, though among those 55 and older, email actually saw an upswing.”

An important insight is that once a message is created in Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Text, e-mail, your blog, or whatever, it can be manually or automatically distributed in many ways and very efficiently. There are very few barriers to communicating effectively with a very wide wange of clients and users on a regular basis now.

Of course, the sad and ironic humour in this other post shows how much work we have left to do with pushing information-based decisions and opinions!

Human beings aren’t very good at listening

The crime rate in Oregon is down, but most Oregonians feel that the rate has gone up, and that they are less safe. I think this story has some interesting parallels with a recent British Medical Journal editorial on cognitive bias, and why what we hear and remember is often very different from the facts we are told. I highly recommend reading both these links together.”

Apparently it is true: Some people say “Don’t confuse me with the facts.”


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