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Worldwide Device Penetration

It’s always interesting when these statistics of the hottest trends are put into a global perspective!

CHART OF THE DAY: 99.7% Of People Still Haven’t Bought A Tablet Yet

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“Only 0.3% of the Earth’s inhabitants owned a tablet at the end of 2010, RBC analyst Mike Abramsky notes today in a detailed, 88-page report about the future of the tablet market. That means 99.7% of the people on Earth still haven’t bought a tablet yet!”

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Now the iPad is probably one of the fastest selling devices ever and it still has enormous room for growth. Since Apple has effectively tied up the manufacturers of touchscreens with orders, that effectively limits the entry of new competitors and apparently delays a Microsoft version until late 2012.

“To put that in perspective, the chart above compares “the tiny smartphone and tablet user base (394 million worldwide) versus other markets—such as TV subscriptions (600 million), total PCs (1.3 billion), and mobile subscribers (5.1 billion).” (link)


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