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Congratulations to 2011 LJ Movers and Shakers

Library Journal announced the 2011 cohort of Library Movers and Shakers today and they’re a great crew. I am happy to say I know quite a few of these deserving folks.

Congratulations to everyone!

Joanna Axelrod
Jason Casden
Alison Circle
Tracy Crawford
Ryan Deschamps
Jim Duncan
Ellen Forsyth
Nancy Fredericks
Chad Haefele
Rogan Hambry
Buffy Hamilton
Jamie Hammond
Richard Hasenyager
Heather Holmes
Gwenyth Jones
Emily King
Meg Knodl
Deb Noggle
Kim Leeder
Rosalind K. Lett
Erin Meyer
Anthony Molaro
Eli Neiburger
Bobbi Newman
Angela Nolet
Deb Noogle
John Palfrey
Bill Pardue
Jennifer Peterson
Sue Polanka
Ned Potter
Rebecca Renard
Joseph Sanchez
Michael Santangelo
John Schumacher
Bob Sisson
Lauren Smith
Paul Smith
Judy Sparzo
Sarah Steiner
Aaron Tay
Tina Thomas
Cindi Trainor
Jennifer Velasquez
Diane Walden
Aspen Walker
Donna Walker
John Watts
Paula Webb
Jennifer Wright
Courtney Young

It’s good to see more international folks named (so I assume they’re now getting nominated too!). There are two new ones from Canada and 2 from Australia, 2 from the UK, one from New Zealand and one from Singapore this year.

Bobbi Newman has done a good list of their web presences here in case you want to follow their blogs or tweets.

Welcome to the club! I hope we can all see eacthother at the LJ inauguration at ALA in New Orleans!


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