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Some Good Advice About Twitter

I can’t say that I’m great a tweeting but this Atlantic article has some good advice:

The Bare Bones Guide to Twitter
Mar 10 2011, The Atlantic


“1) Twitter is a giant conversation for anyone who might be interested in what you have to say.
2) Set up a SHORT Twitter handle.
3) Use an application like TweetDeck (our choice), Hootsuite, Seesmic or a mobile client if you tweet from your phone.
4) Tweet often.
5) Tweet regularly.
6) Share the love.
7) Make your own voice heard.
8) Leave enough room for retweets.
9) Time-shifting will save your love life. Many of the Twitter clients allow you to schedule tweets for later.
10) Test and shorten the links that you retweet.
11) Don’t overfollow.
12) Pithy facts go viral.
13) The # symbol is called a hashtag. Hashtags designate that your tweet connects to a certain subject.
14) Love the DM; fear the DM.
15) Blog n’ Tweet. Tweet when you blog something new.
16) Have a life outside of Twitter.”

“Why Tweet? Here are three good reasons.
First, Twitter is the most comprehensive “pulse” of digital information today.
Second, Twitter is personal.
Third, tweet because you have something to say.”

I do know that I fail on some recommendations. I always hit 140 to fast!


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