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Personas: The Foundation of a Great User Experience

I love this article I discovered via the awesome iLibrarian, Ellyssa Kroski.

“Kevin O’Connor, President of User Insight writes for UX Magazine about Personas: The Foundation of a Great User Experience. This excellent article provides a guide to the role of personas in marketing, product and service development and more. This quick intro to persona development answers the following questions:

“What Is a Persona?
How Are Personas Built?
Where Does Persona Development Begin?
What Is a Typical Persona Investment?
How Can Companies Optimize Their Investments in Personas?
What Can Companies Do If They Don’t Have the Budget for Full-Fledged Personas?”

I’ve been using personas in service and product devleopment for almost 10 years now. I truly believe in their power to put the target users at the table and in the conversation. Check out this overview.


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