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Getting Your Weird On

This year I’ve been to two great cities which publicly revel in keeping their weird on (Austin TX and Portland OR – They’ve got t-shirts and everything!). This got me to thinking that being comfortable with being weird (in a good way) occasionally is a good thing. Therefore I liked this post from Cool Cat Teacher Blog:

5 Wonderful Ways to Be Weird

5 Wonderful Ways to Be Weird

“What if “normal” just another word for boring?”

5 Ways to be Weird (in a good way 😉

1. Break your routine. Go somewhere different. Go outside when you usually go inside. Eat a different kind of food.

2. Associate with people who are different than you. Find someone who is not in your “circle of friends” this week and spend some time getting to know him/her. Ask him about his childhood. Ask her about her favorite things to do. Listen.

3. Find something that inspires you. Search for your favorite creative pasttime on Youtube and learn something new.

4. Do something creative. Art. Poetry. A Blog. Tweet a haiku. Take 15 minutes to create something out of the ordinary. Take a photograph.

5. Turn off the technology. Take an hour, a day or a week and turn it ALL off. All of it. TV. Radio. (did I just say radio – who listens to that any more?) Cell phone. Computers. Twitter. All of it. Go somewhere to be alone without it. Or just sit in your house Clear your mind and think. Use a mindmap or your journal or whatever to just think about your life, something creative, anything. Just take a mental vacation. Tackle something you’ve been wanting to spend time thinking about. Just be.”

Check out the whole post.


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  1. 6. Pierce something. I bet there’s some place on your body that would look great with a bit of metal stuck through it.
    7. Give a stranger a foot massage.
    8. Shave your head. But don’t forget the sunblock. Or wear a porkpie hat. With a feather in it.
    9. Sleep in the car. In your pajamas. At Walmart. Don’t forget your dream journal because this one’ gonna get weird.
    10. Only make odd numbered lists.