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How are College Educators Using YouTube?

How are College Educators Using YouTube?

“Part of the information from the graphic comes from a Babson Survey Research Group, which reveals other interesting facts:

• More than 90% of faculty use social media either for professional purposes or in their classes—or both.
• Nearly two-thirds of all teaching faculty have used social media in their class sessions.
• 30% have posted content for students to view outside class.
• 40% of faculty have assigned students to read or view social media as part of course assignments.
• 20% have assigned students to comment on or post to social media sites.
• 80% of faculty report using social media for some aspect of a course they are teaching.
• Of the 80% of faculty who’ve made any use of social media as part of their courses, virtually all include some form of online video use. One-third of faculty restrict their social media use to only online video, but nearly one-half use other forms of social media in addition to online video.”

Interesting how large a footprint these social media have in academic settings.


Posted on: April 21, 2011, 8:28 am Category: Uncategorized

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  1. Jenny Reiswig said

    It would be interesting to see whether faculty working at institutions with a robust (and required) LMS use social media less or differently.