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How to Write an eBook

Understanding print publishing is part of most MLS curricula. With courses about the history of the book and publishing librarians can understand different facets of our sector. Indeed, many librarians (thousands) are employed in the publishing sector.

So one way to understand eBooks as a different format is to know how to publish one, Here’s a free eBook on publishing an eBook!

The eBook eBook
Download The eBook eBook: How to turn your expertise into magnetic marketing material

“Everybody’s talking about ebooks. Wouldn’t it be nice to find an efficient, effective way to write them? To create the kind of compelling, credibility-building content that customers, influencers and prospects seek, share and read?

Look no further. The eBook eBook is here and available for free. No registration required!

In more than 40 insight-drenched pages, you’ll discover:
■ Real-life examples of marketing successes you can emulate
■ Guidelines for identifying compelling content
■ The secrets to telling unforgettable stories
■ Hints, tips and secrets for organizing your ebook
■ How to supplement your ideas with stats, graphs, quotes, anecdotes and more
■ The right way introduce your ebook
■ An even better way to conclude your ebook to encourage reader action
■ Practical pointers on tone, theme and style
■ Suggestions for promoting your ebook
■ In sum, everything you need to write your own successful ebook, all in one convenient PDF.”

Download The eBook eBook now

No registration required.

Thanks Elyssa


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