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Designing the Best User Experience

Steven Bell at Designing Better Libraries has a great summary of some useful user experience philosophies. Check them out and follow the links:

What Goes Into A Great User Experience

Libraries Can Learn From WoW Providers

“* Engagement – being polite, caring and genuinely helpful.
* Executional Excellence – having product knowledge and the ability to patiently explain and advise while providing unexpected quality.
* Brand Experience – good interior design and making customers feel they’re special and get a bargian.
* Expediting – being sensitive to customers’ time in lines and being proactive to streamline the process.
* Problem Recovery – helping to resolve and compensate for problems while ensuring complete satisfaction.”

Delivering a WOW User Experience: Do Academic Libraries Measure Up? (10 page PDF)

“* Product Availability (book)
* Ease of Finding Product
* Greeting/Acknowledgement
* Were the Right Questions Asked
* Were the Staff Interested in You
* Evidence of Executional Excellence
* Sensitive to Your Time
* Patient and Caring
* Problem Resolution”

The Total Experience: Customers Deserve Better

“* Functional: How well did the experiences meet their needs?
* Accessible: How easy was it for them to do what they wanted to do?
* Emotional: How did they feel about the experiences?”

Read up on it.


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