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Converting Ebook formats to make them compatible with your e-reader

At our home we have a few e-readers. I’ve got a Sony Reader and an iPad. Stephanie has a Kobo (old edition and a wireless one). Zac has an iPad and we all have assorted laptops.

Who would have thought that reading would be so difficult sometimes!?

Anyway, I found this post from Content Divergent very useful:

Converting Ebook formats to make them compatible with your reader

Here are some of the links I want to keep:

MobileRead’s Excellent Ebook reader page (lots of conversion tools)

How to convert file formats for Ebook readers (MobileRead)

Converting EPub to Kindle Compatible mobi format

Kindle Publishing Tools (from Amazon)

And here’s a link to a small PDF from Gale showing how to read our e-books on various e-readers:

iPhone, iPad, Kindle Instructions for GVRL
iPhone, iPad, Kindle Instructions for GVRL

I am sure many libraries have created their own helpful handouts. Please feel free to leave links in the comments here.



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  1. Erin said

    Personally I use Calibre ( and it has proved to be an amazing resource for converting ebooks. Not only will it convert, but will also download covers and other metadata for your titles. It keeps the books organized and has a lot of features that I haven’t even explored yet. Highly recommend it for those who have books in formats that are not compatible with their chosen e-reader.