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Web Literacy: Liquid Mountaineering

Afew years back my daughter brought home a media literacy assignment that had every tired old fake website in it that I’d ever seen. She thought the tree octopus was silly (and not at college level!) and pasta harvesting was also silly. She asked me why librarians were using such lame sites? I couldn’t answer other than to say I thought that the ones she was given were aimed at middle school not university.

Anyway, this crossed my RSS feeds the other day and I think it’s an awesome assignment and much better at developing the critical thinking skills we seek. Check it out.

Media Literacy & Critical Thinking Test: Water Mountaineering
via Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer on 31/05/11

YouTube: Walk on water (Liquid Mountaineering) (3:13 minutes)

Making Of Hi Tec Liquid Mountaineering (3:07 minutes)

Learn information literacy and credulity. Learn about viral marketing too.


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