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Swear Like a Librarian! #swearlikealibrarian

I love this post by Brian Herzog at Swiss Army Librarian:

Swear Like A Librarian

“I asked around a bit and here’s a list of some choice “safe” words library staff use:
■ some old standards: Shoot, Fudge, Bologny
■ Jeepers Crow
■ Flip
■ Fly me (to the moon)
■ Mother of pearl
■ What the what?
■ For the love of Pete
■ For cripe’s sake
■ Frick
■ Shut the front door
■ Sugar Honey Iced Tea

The last one is my favorite – read it again, but just the first letter of each word.”

I use freakin’ and H E Double Toothpicks cuz it worked for Richie Cunningham!

Anyway, it’s a great start on a list. What others do you think work in public service? There are a ton of comments on Brian’s post suggesting more. Awesome.

Anyone want to try a tweet meme using the hastag: #swearlikealibrarian?


Posted on: August 14, 2011, 6:31 am Category: Uncategorized

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  1. No meme, but you forgot Daring Librarian’s (Gwyneth Jones) Favorite–“Oh My Fairy Godmother!!”

  2. holy buckets

  3. Stephen, I’ve seen you speak enough time to be totally shocked that you’d pull punches when it comes to swearing. But then, the CiL Dead Technologies session is hardly a public service desk.

  4. Son of a Gun, Holy Cow,