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When will tablets be the dominant form factor?

Will tablets overtake laptops as the dominant device for accessing library content? Or will mobile phones win? Will laptops survive or is this current debate about the end of the personal computer play out? It’s an interesting debate. Some folks claim that we’re heading for the end of the browser as well as the end of URLs. Again, interesting and it rocks my world view.

Either way, it appears that tablets are going mainstream really quickly and this Christmas shopping season there will be a ton of new ones on the market at multiple price points to challenge the iPad.

Older People Are Buying A Lot Of iPads

“The iPad is no longer a device for just young men, according to new data from Nielsen.

People over the age of 45 now account for 37% of the tablet, a.k.a. iPad, market according to Nielsen.

That’s up from 23% of the market nine months ago.

The growth in ownership from older people took share away from people between the ages of 25 and 34.

In Q3 2010, they owned 23% of tablet devices versus just 13% in Q2 2011.

The numbers indicate that tablets are moving past the early-adopter stage and into the mainstream.”

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What do tablets mean for libraries? Some potential scenarios:

1. Some books will change with embedded ads, video content or ads, more colour, links, enhanced content, etc.
2. Magazines and newspapers will migrate to tablets based on green, delivery, market share/size, and logistics strategies.
3. 3G/4G will accelerate the demise of DVD but not video.
4. Self publishing will grow and there will be an enormous bulk junk and spam content as well as low quality content on the web. The needs for filters, recommendations and finding tools will grow.
5. Reading will become increasingly social based on app and HTML5 opportunities.
6. There will be massive pressure on price vs convenience value propositions for any content. ‘Free’ libraries will be challenged to be more convenient in the virtual space.
7. The reading experience will expand beyond its current simplistic model and become more dimensional – 4D perhaps.


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  1. Oladosu Moses said

    can you update me on the most useful smartphone around

  2. All I can say is that I like my iPhone and find the app store useful. That said, I’ll likely buy an android phone next time if I can. My wife wants a new Windows-based phone so that bears watching given the interesting ownership of Skype and Groupme. Google Android’s acquisition of Motorola also changes the landscape. My only advice is that you need to buy this stuff cheap enough to consider the phone disposable every 1-3 years.