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Three More Beloit Mindset List Alternatives

Here are three more great add-ons to the Beloit Mindset list for people entering university this autumn. These three are for:

1. Tim Morris’s Mindset List, Class of 1915
2. Librarians Entering the Field in 2011 [ by Doug Johnson at The Blue Skunk Blog
3. Teachers entering the profession in 2011 [ by Doug Johnson at The Blue Skunk Blog

Mindset List, Class of 1915
by Tim Morris

“The class of 1915 thinks:

• Model T Fords have always been available to the public.
• Mr. Dooley has always been holding forth in The Chicago Post.
• Car windows have always been made of isinglass.
• William Jennings Bryan has always been fat.
• They may think the Haymarket Riot is some kind of rural misunderstanding.
• They have grown up with Coca-Cola.
• The Babcock Carriage Company has always been working on an electric car.
• What Boer War?
• King Kelly has never played baseball.
• Ragtime music has always been mainstream.
• Religious leaders have always been telling politicians what to do, or else!
• “Off the hook” has never had anything to do with a fish.
• Player pianos have always been available.
• Russia has always had a burgeoning Communist party.
• Women have always been secretaries.
• They were born the year Grover Cleveland became President for a second time.
• Classmates could include Dorothy Sayers, Jimmy Durante, and Fay Bainter.
• Half of them may have been members of the Frank Merriwell All-Youth-Sports Club.
• The Toledo, St. Louis and Kansas City Railroad has never run in their lifetime.
• No one has ever been able to sit down comfortably to a meal of meat packed by Lithuanian immigrants in Chicago.
• Sears, Roebuck has always been a larger retailer than A.T. Stewart and has always employed more workers than the beef-tallow-candle industry.

Tim Morris is professor and associate chair of English at the University of Texas at Arlington.”

The Mindset List for Librarians Entering the Field in 2011

Librarians entering the field today…

1. Have never had to type a catalog card.
2. Have never looked something up in the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature.
3. Have never maintained a vertical file.
4. Have always maintained a Facebook fan page for their library.
5. Have never attended a F2F graduate school library class.
6. Have never purchased (or rented) a 16mm film, VHS tape or LaserDisc. (Let alone a filmloop or filmstrip.)
7. Have never NOT had the Internet as a resource.
8. Have never checked out 5 1/4 floppy disks of MECC games.
9. Have always helped find and stream videos rather than checked out tapes to teachers.
10. Have never arranged for interlibrary loan of a physical book.
11. Have ever worked in a library without student workstations or a computer lab.
12. Have always had wireless access for students and teachers.
13. Have never sent overdue notices to parents by postal mail.
14. Have always been more concerned about Internet sites being blocked that books being challenged.
15. Have always worried about whether their positions would exist the next school year.”

Teachers entering the profession in 2011

“Teachers entering the profession in 2011

1. Have never gotten a buzz sniffing fresh mimeograph copies.
2. Have never used a paper gradebook (and have always needed passwords).
3. Have only received their school bulletin via school e-mail and have always had a school website.
4. Parents and students have always been able to Google them.
5. There has always been a Rate Your Teacher website.
6. Have always used white boards and LCD projectors, not chalk boards, overhead projectors or TVs.
7. Have always had a telephone and voice mail in their classrooms.
8. Have always been asked to be more concerned about test scores than about learning.
9. Have never “taught” students how to use a print dictionary, encyclopedia or atlas.
10. Have been portrayed by politicians and the press more as villains than as heroes.
11. Have always had students who can “fact check” a statement using their cellphones in class.
12. Have always had their collective bargaining rights questioned.
13. Have always had both parents and students look at their gradebook via a web portal.
14. Have always used a card rather than a key to get into their buildings and have always smiled at the security camera by the door.
15. Online classes have always been an option for students who don’t like the F2F class they are attending.”

Awesome expansions on the Beloit ideas that can generate good discussions and perspectives – whether they’re completely ‘true’ or not.

(and yes I have gotten high off of Ditto and Gestetner machines! You always knew those folks by their blue finger stains – the powder nose of education.)

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