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Maslow and Libraries

How does your library support happiness?

I am feeling very zen today like my good friend Michael Stephens who’s always calm.

Anyway I loved this article in the Atlantic and saw lots of opportunities for communicating the warm fuzzies of libraries in it.

Maslow 2.0: A New and Improved Recipe for Happiness

“What are the ingredients for happiness? It’s a question that has been addressed time and again, and now a study based on the first-ever globally representative poll on well-being has some answers about whether or not a pioneering theory is actually correct.”

From the basic stuff where libraries are the source of hope and shelter for the homeless or cooling/warming centres in the summer and winter to those needs we serve for development, learning and community, WE ROCK!

For those who threaten libraries, they actually threaten the very social glue of society. They’ll need those gates on their gated communities to deter the hordes.



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