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The Class of 2015

Here’s another video that talks to the challenges of the class of 2015.

Who are the class of 2015 and how can you reach them?

The Centered Librarian points to this Fast Company post by Matt Britton that outlines Five Ways To Friend The Class of 2015:

“1. Help them express their personal brand
2. Integrate organically into their world
3. Get in good with their friends
4. Become an on-demand brand
5. Get to know them and don’t assume.”

This advice doesn’t change for any generational cohort!

I think that this is one class who are starting their college years in the month when the media of all kinds – mainstream, print, TV, web, blog, etc. – will be heavily focused on the tenth anniversary of 911 – a seminal event that has defined the world for this class. That’s quite a launchpad that may actually shift course and degree choices.


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  1. Jay Velgos said

    Ha! It’s like a bunch of 19-year-olds pooled their money and hired an expensive PR agency… planning ahead for their future job prospects. It’s really amazing…. similar to the “Got Milk?” or the “Beef: It’s What’s for Dinner” campaigns, but instead of promoting an industry, it’s promoting a whole generation.