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The DNA of Books

This is an interesting project and is worth keeping an eye on:

The central question is: Can a Pandora-like engine for recommending music choices also work for books? What is the DNA of books?

Strata Week: Cracking a book’s genetic code

Decoding book DNA

by Audrey Watters

“Recommendation engines for reading aren’t new. Amazon, for example, is more than happy to give you suggestions on what to read (or, rather, buy) next. But often these recommendations are based on the most popular titles. Even if you’re taking recommendations based on what your friends are reading — say, via sites like Goodreads — you’re still likely to see bestsellers rather than titles that match your particular taste or mood.

But BookLamp is working on building a better biblio-recommendation engine. BookLamp is the public face and the home of the Book Genome Project, a project founded in 2003 by students from the University of Idaho. Much like Pandora’s well-known Music Genome Project, the Book Genome Project contends that books can be broken down into small DNA-like components — the characteristics that make up the “genetic structure” of a book. These include things like language, characters, and story.”


Book Genome Project

Music Genome Project






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Follow the links to book recommendation engines and learn more. There are lots of options. Add your favourites in the comments.


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