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Does Academic Business Research Pay Off?

Putting a Dollar Value on Academic Business Research

“According to a recent study, MBA students who attend schools where teachers frequently publish in high-level academic journals tend to earn more after graduation.”

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“Scholarly research from business schools is often lambasted for having little practical application. But this study finds that MBA students who go to schools where the research level is high get paid more than peers who went to other schools — as much as 21 percent more after three years in the real world.

The reason has less to do with the research itself than with the effort that goes into it. “Active engagement in knowledge creation through research,” write the authors, “as opposed to simply teaching from textbooks…may help faculty hone their analytical skills and consequently emphasize a more rigorous approach to problem solving.””

Original Source:
Title: Does Business School Research Add Economic Value for Students? (Subscription or fee required.)
Authors: Jonathan P. O’Brien (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Paul L. Drnevich (University of Alabama), T. Russell Crook (University of Tennessee), and Craig E. Armstrong (University of Alabama)
Publisher: Academy of Management Learning and Education, vol. 9, no. 4
Date Published: December 2010


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