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Google and Anti-Trust

What goes around comes around. Like IBM, AT&T, Standard Oil, and Microsoft before them, Google is caught up in the legal system.

Chris Sherman has a great post over at SeachEngineLand

Do The Majority Of Americans Think Google Is Unfair? has released findings from a new study that raises serious and important issues about Google, its influence on searcher behavior and whether the search giant’s actions are deliberately hindering competition.”

79% Americans Favor the FTC’s Investigation of Google for Restricting Fair Competition and Misleading Consumers

“The survey, which was fielded from September 15-18, polled 1,005 adults aged 18 and older across the United States. It found that most Americans are uneasy with Google’s dominance of the Internet in general and the search advertising market in particular.

Majorities find Google’s business practices unfair and there is broad support for the FTC’s investigation of Google.

Here are the main findings of the survey:
– Eight in ten (79%) Americans favor the FTC’s investigation of the company for restricting fair competition and misleading consumers. Half (49%) say they strongly favor the FTC’s actions.
– Over six in ten (63%) say it is unfair for Google to use the profits it makes from its dominant position in search advertising to buy smaller, innovative companies at an early stage, preventing them from becoming competitors.
– Over eight in ten (84%) say it is unfair for Google to take content from other websites and present it as its own, depriving these other websites of potential consumer traffic.
– Three-quarters (74%) say it is unfair for Google to raise prices for advertising without notice and to favor large e-commerce companies over small local businesses.
– Over six in ten (64%) believe a single company that controls 79% of the market for a good or service should be subject to existing antitrust laws. Only a quarter (23%) say such a company should not be subject to these laws and 13% are not sure.
– Almost six in ten (57%) feel that Google’s control of 79% of the search advertising market is bad for consumers. Only a third (33%) consider this a good thing for consumers.
– Two thirds (65%) believe Google’s control of the mobile search market is bad for consumers.”

Fair Search Fact Sheet

View more documents from FairSearch

Chris has some good anaylsis of this survey – recommended reading as we watch the game play out between Apple, Google, MS, Facebook, et al. Who’s going to own your privacy?

Anyway, you can make up your own mind. Most people know I am not a real fanboy of any tech company or search engine. I like to keep my options open and my mind open and free. That sometimes gets me in trouble with the fanboys who are true believers in some software or process, but so be it. I’ll keep asking questions.


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