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New Grad Enrollment Falls 1.1% in 2010

Gary Price points us to this report:

New Grad Enrollment Falls 1.1% in 2010
Source: Council of Graduate Schools

“The enrollment of new students at U.S. graduate schools fell 1.1% in 2010, according to the annual CGS/GRE Survey of Graduate Enrollment and Degrees. This is the first decrease in first-time graduate enrollment since fall 2003 and the fall occurred despite an 8.4% increase in applications to U.S. graduate schools. First-time enrollment of domestic students fell 1.2% versus international students (up 4.7% after a decline last year).”

Full report is here (114 page PDF)

This is not good for any economy. I also worry that this is combined with a massive increase in student debt at graduation.


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