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The State of Mobile Trends and the Education Environment

Are you challenged with trying to understand the shifting sands of mobile technology and education environments? This free report might help:

Check out the latest STAR (School Technology Action Report), “Education’s Guide to Mobile Devices: Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Tech and Your Schools.”

Here is the Table of Contents:

Poised for a Revolution
Annual report pegs mobile learning as imminent
Not just laptops anymore
Mobile learning as a tipping point
‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) catching on in schools
Where are we going? A look at the future of mobile learning

Mobile Learning Best Practices
Using smart phones to increase math scores
Five ways readers are using the iPad in the classroom
District plans iPad-only algebra course
Schools see rising scores with iPads
Main laptop program offers lessons in implementation

Device Management
Before going mobile, make sure you can manage the devices
School leaders eye mobile support 2.0
‘Identity management’ a key to successful mobile learning
Schools piloting secure mobile devices
Experts give advice on mobile learning

New Apps and Technologies
PD app helps schools personalize training 57-58
10 of the best Apple apps for education
10 of the best Droid apps for education
New devices allow for mobile wireless broadband
Sony unveils tablets to rival the iPad
Google tablets expected to challenge the iPad

Links and Bibliography

See the full report here (75 page PDF).


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